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The scope of my lecture is to generate a dynamic dialogue on organizational and economic systems and techniques. Basically, my methodology is characterized by dialogue, a systematic phenomenon with every academician or epistimologist.

I will systematically analyze the idiosyngracies and the characteristics of the organizational systems practiced today.

The architecture of my analysis-strategy, is systematic and pragmatic, yet paradoxically is characterized by enthusiasm and synchronization between theory and practice. The harmonic synergy of mathematical models and statistical techniques, has generated theorems and axioms practiced in capitalistic economic systems.  My philosophy is logical, ethical and practical and has erected organizational models that have generated economic euphoria.

The magic esthetics of my tactic, is the plethora of Hellenic terminology in my phraseology.

The genesis of tragic economic problems generated in an economy are not symptomatic, in fact they are cyclical and periodic phenomena.

Such phenomena stigmatize and traumatize the economic euphoria of the agora.

Economic systems basically symbolize the philosophy and ideology of the governing political party.

The chronic and pathetic egomania and megalomania of certain governors, monarchs or tyrants, their apathy for philanthropy, their enigmatic and problematic logic, generated gigantic economic crises, which stigmatized and traumatized their political career. Such practices generate phobia, panic and periodically paralysis of the socioeconomic system.

The agora, during the archaic periods, was characterized as the physical parameters where philosophers, scholars, economists and epistimologists analyzed the problems generated by the political system.

The basic methodology was dialogue or rhetoric.

Dialogue, in a diametric antithesis with the monologue, has magic, it is characterized by synthesis and analysis and a plethora of other lectic schemes.

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